The London Journal invites submissions based on original research that fall within the journal’s broad scope.

All article submissions to The London Journal should be made through the journal’s online system, and not via email. When uploading a submission, authors will be asked to provide an abstract of about 150 words and between 4 and 8 keywords. To access the online submissions system, please click here to be taken to Taylor & Francis's submissions portal. If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one.

Submitted articles should be no more than 9,000 words (including notes), and referenced with footnotes or endnotes (please do not provide a separate bibliography).

Reviews should be submitted to the relevant reviews editor (listed on the Editorial Board page) as an attached Word document. Guidelines for Book Reviews can be accessed here. If you wish to suggest potential items for review, or have an idea for a longer review essay, please contact the relevant reviews editor.

Please use British English spelling (so analyse and organise), the Oxford/serial comma, and use single quotation marks, except where ‘a quotation is “within” a quotation’. Full details of the journal’s styleguide can be viewed here.

Authors do not have to submit pieces for review in full accordance with the journal’s style, but if accepted they may be asked to revise the piece. When submitting, please upload files as Word documents, rather than as PDFs.

As the journal employs anonymous peer review, articles submitted for review should have no references to the author in an identifiable form.

The journal aims to make a decision on the manuscript within three months of initial submission.

The journal is always happy to receive proposals for special issues. Potential special issue editors should follow the process outlined in this document.

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